Reality is more trippy than fiction. And I have finally reached the point where I am not afraid of what people might think of me when I share the trippy shit that I experience quite frequently…

So, on the weekend I experienced a Bee Consciousness activation… details another time… and in yesterday’s Divine Mother Activation (which you can access HERE), again the Bee Consciousness was part of it, as we receive the gifts from bees about harmony and collective cohesion and adapt this into our own families and communities, to rise as a sovereign Queen Bee of our life and build our ‘hives’.

The women present also experienced this activation, and soon afterwards someone texted me a photo of a bee who had visited her at the beach after, and I was sitting in my ‘temple’ and a cute little fuzzy buzzy bee came in and buzzed all around me for a few minutes, gracing me with it’s gorgeous cosmic presence before flying out again.

I know that’s all kind of trippy and I’m used to that sort of thing… here is the actual trippy bit. Our children play minecraft on a shared server, and after the weekend when I told the children about my bee experience, they told me their minecraft server was called The Hive. And yesterday, after our Divine Mother Activation bee experience, Lotus received an email that it was her Bee Day, meaning her 1 year birthday of being a member of the Hive server. I mean, what are the chances???

I love this magical life xxx