Excuse my French but have you noticed the shit hitting the fan a little more than usual on the planet lately?

Personally, I’ve been having a total reality flip…we’ll go there shortly…

First, take a brief moment to look at what’s happening on the planet right now…

>> There are masses of people trying to build their fortunes << and meanwhile dead refugees are being swept up on the beach and 60,000 endangered Antelopes mysteriously had a mass die-off within 4 DAYS (!!!) in Kazakhstan which has scientists scratching their heads. That’s barely the tip of the iceberg…


>> The point is, things need to change. And they need to change fast. <<

Putting the money illusion in perspective first is a good start.  I am surrounded by ‘Heart Centered Entrepreneurs’ going for their 6 figure incomes and bombarding messages that “your income is directly related to your personal worth” and I call bullshit on that.

We are priceless.  Each and every one of us.  The flashy millionaire in their ivory tower is no more valuable than the cat lady who volunteers at the soup kitchen.  We are all unique flowers on planet earth, each equally valuable as part of the whole.

In fact, the more connected with the Earth we are, the better off for everyone, I say!

Moving beyond dollar signs into true service for the planet is what needs to happen right now.  Sure, we currently use money as a convenient form of exchange, but when money itself becomes the goal, it really screws things up.

Having been immersed in the online business world for 9 years, and running my own business for over 20 years, I’ve done courses and workshops and intensives and coaching and webinars and bootcamps and strategy sessions and yadi ra ra. It’s all sort of seeped into my cells over the years and I’ve been doing a sort of detox, if you will.

I’m in a process of unlearning.

The old constructs are sliding away.  The way I do business is radically transforming into a whole new level of service, stepping into flow, trust and abundance.


Not all this ‘premium pricing going pro’ money-mindset bullshit.

Excuse me, I swear when I get passionate. I’m sure you can relate.

TRUE ABUNDANCE is having your needs met.  It’s being in harmony and flow and being open to receiving, and contributing and being aligned with your heart and being happy.  AND HAVING A HEALTHY FUCKING PLANET. At least that’s my definition.

Being slaves to money has people being inhumane, even to themselves.  Flogging themselves, doing things they hate, destroying the earth and neglecting what really matters.


There is enough for everyone when we each have what we need, and when we support each other.  People need people.

So, what’s the point of all this?

If you have something burning inside you to offer the world, do it.  The world needs what you bring.  The world needs that fire in your heart to come alive and fuel your passion to make the world a better place.

No matter how big or small, coming into alignment with YOUR truth, YOUR vision and YOUR purpose is YOUR responsibility right now.


What the world needs are people stepping up and taking responsibility for what they contribute to the collective.  This includes all your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions.  It really is time to CLEAN UP OUR ACT.  Release our wounds, transform our fears, and flourish into our full potential.  Look at how you live your life, what you put into your body, the words you use, the food you eat, and how you spend your money.  Too many people have been out of alignment for too long and the world is suffering for it.


YOUR vision might be to raise happy, healthy children.  What would support you in that?  Do you need clarity or some fresh inspiration about things to do with your children?  Or stronger boundaries so you can say no to other things and YES to yourself and your vision? Or even some practical ideas about how to manage your day to fit in the things that really matter to you? Or, god forbid, a bit more PLEASURE in your life?

Do you even have a vision for your life?  Are you clear about your values?

Are you searching for yourself, stripping away all the layers and releasing the wounds of past experiences so that you can find your true self again?

Wherever you are is perfect on your unique journey.

It’s all okay.  We are all works in progress.  The difference is, are you stuck?  Or is your energy flowing?  Do you need support?   We are not meant to be islands.  People need people.

I can help.

Maybe you have a burning vision, or a fire in your belly about something that brings your heart alive and you’d love to do more in the world, and you’re not sure what your next step is.

Maybe you want to homeschool your children and you don’t know where to start, or don’t feel confident or worry too much about what other people think.  Or how can you make money doing what you love WITH your children at home?

I can help.

Maybe you just want to live your best life, be free from the limits of the past and live YOUR life YOUR way.  Or simply be happy.

I can help.  In fact that’s my specialty.

I’m getting really clear about what I’m here for, and super thrilled to serve the awakening of love and consciousness on the planet.

My vision is for mothers to be empowered in their lives.  To release the shackles from past conditioning and blossom into living a life they really love.

It’s important to me that my services are affordable to the ones who need it.  I’m a bit philanthropic like that. My approach to pricing is a mix of logic and intuition.  I’m not into the whole high end premium pricing trend of charging thousands of dollars for things. That said, I know my work is valuable so my pricing is fair in exchange for the transformation you receive. And I like to share lots of things for free too.

So, if you think you might like someone to hold your hand as you move through your own layers and get more clarity about who you are, what you’re doing and most of all, be inspired to live YOUR life YOUR way, consider having a personal session with me.

I’ve opened up my books again.  If you’re curious, you can see more about working with me HERE and book a free 15 minute chat to talk about the ways I can support you.

AND you can do my little course called Turning Point HERE which is about releasing money stress and coming into more of your power with money. Because if you’re not in your power, someone else is in control which really sucks. The best bit? It’s by DONATION so you can dive in and get your abundance flowing no matter what your current situation. Cool, hey?

You’ll know if this is supportive for you.  If you feel a YES then maybe it’s the perfect next step for you.

AND I’m putting together my Little Black Book of resources and tips and wisdom I’ve been using over the years.  Believe me, I can be a bit obsessive when it comes to details (no, really?!) and I research and am very tech savvy, so keep an eye on your inbox because it’s in the works.

And you can get it BY DONATION. Yay!

Here’s to YOU living beautifully *and* restoring the health of our planet. Total win-win!

With love,

Avalon x

PS just let me know if you want to connect one on one with me.  We can talk by phone, skype or telepathy.  Just kidding, the telepathy bit just happens naturally on the call.  Seriously, I tune into you and juicy stuff drops in.  I don’t question it any more.  I just enjoy the ride!  If you want a cheerleader on your personal team, let me know!  You can see more about working with me HERE.

PPS. YOU ROCK.  And the world needs what you bring.

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