While I was in Canada in 00/01, a friend from Australia came and joined me at one point, and we moved from Vancouver to Toronto together. We knew one person there, and rocked up on his doorstep with our bags 🙂 “Hi!” we said. He invited us in and said we could stay with him until we find somewhere. He even slept on the couch and gave us his bedroom! What a guy. It was a true bachelor pad, him and other guys, so my friend and I got some cleaning supplies and scrubbed the kitchen and bathroom sparkling clean from top to toe, so we could handle living there, even if it was temporary.
After a while living there, my friend and I decided we really needed to find our own place. We got up one morning and said to the guys, “It’s been great being here, and we are going to find ourselves a new place today.” They laughed at our Aussie naivety and said, “This is downtown Toronto. Rentals are impossible to find. Good luck.”
“Really? Watch us!” we said with a smart-ass air of certainty as we wooshed out the door with a flick of our hair…
How hard could it be?
So, we got a newspaper and opened the rentals section. We didn’t have a car, but we had walking shoes, a map and subways. We were determined. We called up a few places, made a plan of action and started our hunt. We didn’t want to stray too far from the heart of the city, where we’d been living, although places were pretty expensive. We both had jobs, and were determined to get something, anything, rather than return to the boys empty handed at the end of the day.
As the day progressed, our spirits started dropping. The places we were looking at were pretty dodgy for the price, and the further away from town we got, the dodgier the places were.
Fuck it, we thought. Let’s get a beer. We were going to plan our next step. Maybe we could get a hotel room to tide us over til we found something? Not finding a place was NOT an option. Whatever it took, we were going to find somewhere else to live TODAY, even if it was a hotel room.
As we were sitting with our beer, a vaguely familiar looking guy walked over to our table and asked if he could join us. “Sure,” we said. I asked how his day was. “Not that good,” he said.
“My housemate just died. Now I have this huge house I can’t afford to keep living in alone, so either I need to find more people to move in or I need to find somewhere else to live.”
Holy fuck is this for real? My friend and I glanced at each other momentarily in excitement… although not dismissing the sad fact that he was upset about his friend dying.
“Oh, I’m sorry to hear about your friend dying. And you know what? We are looking for somewhere to live so maybe we could move in and help you pay the rent?” He looked up hopefully, then agreed to take us and show us the house.
It was right around the corner from where we’d been living, just off Bloor St (if you know Toronto), with a subway station conveniently at the end of the street. The house was amazing! A huge 3 storey plus basement amazing house with huge bedrooms… then there was a stairway. We walked up the stairway to the ‘attic’ and there were 2 doors at the top. On the left, it opened to an asymmetric room with charcoal scrawled all over the walls and my friend was in heaven because it was her idea of paradise, and she could paint it however she liked. Through the right-hand door was my fairytale bedroom <3 A large room with a bay window overlooking the city and a walk in wardrobe. AND there were plenty of rooms for our friends who were also looking… so we invited a few friends to join us and had a total party house. There was even a whole room I could use for sewing. Eventually I hired industrial sewing machines and whipped up a new collection of Psytrance clothing to take down to sell in Mexico… but that’s another story for another day.
Ask and ye shall receive.
Thank you Universe xxx