One of the messages I received in ceremony on the weekend is that I need to share my stories and make more videos. So, I spontaneously feel drawn to share this little story of synchronicity with you…

Back when Luna was first born over 14 years ago, I used to go for lots of walks with her, and one day I walked to the local shopping centre. In K-mart I was drawn to the book section and a book called ‘The Crystal Children’ grabbed my attention, which was bizarre for a place like k-mart. I skimmed the back cover and knew I needed this book, as Luna had such a magical energy people would remark on, so I brought it home and totally resonated with everything in it. The book was written by Doreen Virtue, who I hadn’t heard of before….

So, fast forward a few months, I walked into a New Age bookshop and saw a poster for Doreen Virtue coming to Adelaide. I was so excited and thought, “I need to be there!” I asked the woman at the counter if I could buy a ticket, and she said it was sold out. Bummer! I stayed walking around in the shop for a while… then the woman came up to me and said, “Well, there is one ticket left which is mine, and I would like you to have it because I think you need to be there more than me.” Wow! Thank you! I was SO grateful and bought the last ticket. How exciting! I was going to learn more about the Crystal Children!

The day came, and I went to the event and had no idea how popular it would be. The huge theatre was packed to the brim with spiritual looking women, all at least a generation older than me. I had dreadlocks with a rainbow headscarf, and felt like the odd one out… and thought it was strange all these older women were there to find out about the Crystal Children… oh well…

So, on comes Doreen Virtue to the stage, magnificent and glowing, literally she looks like an angel. I was captivated! Then she started telling her story and talking about Angels and doing spontaneous Angel Readings for people in the crowd which was so fascinating! It was all new to me. Even though I thought she’d be talking about Crystal Children, I was captivated by what was happening.

Then she started talking about the new consciousness on the planet and I got excited, ready to learn more about Crystal Children. Instead, she started talking about Indigo Children and then walked along the stage and stopped and looked me straight in the eyes, even though I was halfway down the back.

She started talking directly to me. She said, “Indigos come in with a fiery spirit and a keen sense of purpose. You have very important work to do. Don’t let anyone distract you from your mission, even if they don’t understand it. You must do what you came to do.” And I literally felt all the cells of my body tingling with a deep resonance and felt like I was levitating out my chair with this activation. Direct from the source! (I later discovered she wrote the Indigo Children book). Something profoundly shifted within me, like a missing piece of my life’s puzzle slotted into place and made sense! That’s why I needed to be there!

After that I went on to research and study everything I could get my hands on about Indigo Children and the evolution of consciousness, and a whole new level of understanding and self acceptance awakened within me. Now, I am not into labels, but they do have their place in terms of discovering different things, then we can rise above the labels into oneness again.

So, that’s my little Indigo story xxx

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