I travelled to Canada in 2000/01. I landed in Vancouver where I played and partied for a while, then did some work for an event decorating company which was fun. After a few months, I moved across to Toronto for something different.

Life was groovy, then after a while, my funds started running low so I decided I needed to earn some money. Since I had a background in Costume Design, I decided I’d like to get a job as a Costume Designer, although I had never been employed in this role before. I had been freelancing/self-employed in Australia.

So, I opened the Yellow Pages to ‘Costume Hire’ places, and pointed to the largest ad in the book and decided I will work there. No doubt, no hesitation. I can be headstrong like that. I dialed the number and explained I was from Australia, and I’m a Costume Designer and I would like to work there.

The woman on the other end of the phone was in awe. She told me her mother, who owned the company, the largest in Toronto, had recently died and left the whole costume business to her. She was feeling overwhelmed and about to look for someone to help. When can you start? She asked me. Tomorrow, I said.

Just like magic. Thank you, Universe xxx