When I was a single mum living with my 2 girls in Bellingen, we moved house a LOT. We’re talking, once I lived in 5 places in just over a year! Rentals were always going up for sale, and every time I needed something, I got the perfect place just in the nick of time. It was uncanny. Here is one of those times…

I was at home, and had just been told by the landlord that the owners were selling and I’d need to move out. Damn! Again. A friend was over and we were dreaming about what would be our ideal…

Hey, maybe we could share a place! It would be amazing if we lived in… Gleniffer! (a magical place just outside Bellingen). And we would need 4 bedrooms – 2 each for ourselves and our children. And hey, let’s have a separate studio for our creative arts! (we both make clothes). And we could afford about $400 a week between us, which would save money compared to living alone.

The next day, I picked up the local newspaper from my driveway which I usually throw straight in the recycling bin. This time, I opened it to a random page without thinking… and it was the rentals section. There was one house for rent. A 4 bedroom house in Gleniffer with a separate studio for $400 a week.

Fuck off. I’m not kidding.

I called up, spoke with the agent who remembered me from a previous house where they’d been the agent, and they agreed for me to move in and we didn’t even fill in any paperwork. On my visit to the house, I weed on the grass to claim it and seal the deal. I did that for a few other houses too. It’s a witchy secret and works like magic 😉 The original dreaming friend didn’t join me, but another friend and her son did.

Thank you Universe xxx

PS And we lived happily in Gleniffer for 6 months until the end of the lease, when the owner sold the house. And then I moved into the house that my original dreaming friend was moving out of at the same time… musical houses.