I went on another Shamanic Journey this morning. This time into my womb. I received a message for Indigo Adults. Which is interesting as I’m not into labels but I have been asking for guidance, open to the messages I receive, and trusting the journey. And this was clear….

Before I share the message, what is an Indigo Adult and how do you know if you are one?

1. You’re reading this.

(If you haven’t read my encounter with Doreen Virtue and the message she shared directly with me 13 years ago about my mission as an Indigo, you can read that on my blog HERE.)

Since then…my work with Indigos has been relatively ‘unlabelled’ yet if you’re here and feel drawn to my work, there’s a reason.

You may have felt ‘different’ as a child, misunderstood and not ‘met’. You may have felt like you didn’t belong in your birth family. You may have been angry and feisty during your teens (and beyond!) Or, if your warrior spirit was suppressed, you became depressed and/or anxious. Underneath is a deep sense of knowing you’re here to do something important, even if you don’t know what it is yet.

You don’t fit into the stereotypical mould of society.

You feel things deeply, and this sensitivity may have led to drug or alcohol use, either to avoid feeling the pain of disconnect, and/or to explore other dimensions that felt more expansive than the culture you’re in. You may have been diagnosed with a mental health condition, or struggle trying to digest what you see happening around you in the world.

You feel restricted by day to day routines and schedules, but rhythm and structure is also something you know you need, so you feel inner conflict and self judgment around this because you know you have important work to do and feel like you’re wasting time, and yet don’t know what’s stopping you from moving forwards. Your own self judgment is one of the biggest blocks to your growth.

Do you relate?

Here is the message:

You have an important role to play in what is unfolding on the planet. The time has come to activate your soulful mission.

It doesn’t matter if it’s not practical, or you’re ‘not ready yet’ or ‘maybe later…’ or other thoughts arise…

The message is: NOW IS THE TIME. 

Part of you is ready.

Even if you have children. Even if you’re ‘busy’. Even if you are not ‘prepared’. Even if you’re between houses. Even if you’re broke. Even if you’re stressed. Re-evaluating your priorities and giving time and energy to your soul’s path is what’s needed. Now.

If you already know what your next steps are: TAKE THEM.

You have a purpose on the planet and are being asked to rise into it.

If you are unsure, or would like some support and guidance, this is EXACTLY what Shine Your Light is about HERE. Doors are closing soon!

This 6 week immersion is about making the shift from a world of limitation, struggle and self doubt >>> INTO a world of connection, creativity, expansion, flow and abundance.

We currently have a foot in both worlds. It takes repetition, reminding and LIFESTYLE CHANGES to move into a new way, and it’s not easy to do on your own.

It’s fascinating, because lots of women (over 130) have joined Shine Your Light since last year, and now with this new, evolved, potent version, many are feeling called to dive in again this round.

The purpose of Shine Your Light is to:
get clear on your path and purpose – who are you, why are you here and what are you doing to make the world a better place? And activate your soulful mission.
create, develop and birth (or re-birth) your soulful offerings and receive money in exchange for sharing your gifts (yes, eventually we won’t need money which is another aspect holding back Indigos who don’t want to participate in the money matrix on the planet – but during this transition we still need money so we can rise into freedom, autonomy and sovereignty…and birth a new way!) Being broke and dependent serves no one.
create a whole new lifestyle for yourself, by honouring your self and having sacred boundaries, daily practices, new habits and supportive structure for your creativity and energy to flow more freely. Then you can truly LIVE from your higher self.

If you would like to be supported with this, our 6 week immersion is starting now. DOORS ARE CLOSING SOON and you can join us HERE.

A message from Wolf

I also went on a Shamanic Journey to connect with my Power Animal for my business (which is one of the activities in Shine Your Light) and received this message:

“Share openly about your own personal intention for this round of Shine Your Light. This is not just a business course, it’s a LIFESTYLE transformation, so your business is more nurturing, and you weave more self care, sensuality, beauty and pleasure into your life, while inspiring others to do this also. You need to nurture yourself FIRST so you can nurture others. This is about activating a whole new way of doing business, with moon rituals, and feminine wisdom, rather than old marketing strategies that are stale and overdone out there. It’s about weaving your story, lessons and insights with your unique fusion of skills and strengths, and rising up with a clear purpose, and next steps to develop and birth your evolved offerings into the world.”

So, here is my intention for this round of Shine Your Light:

I inspire and empower women to rise into your higher purpose AND I am using this 6 week immersion to get crystal clear about the upcoming Blossoming Temple I am building to embody the Sacred Feminine and weave Ancient Women’s Mysteries into daily life. I am stepping into this through Shine Your Light, and sharing my process openly as we go, inspiring others to rise into your sacred mission too. In the past I’ve experienced burnout and imbalance in my life and business, and this time I am dedicated to co-creating a whole new balanced, abundant lifestyle to honour myself and my family, while doing my sacred work. I’m so excited to be sharing this journey with others, rising into these new ways together!

* In addition to the course curriculum, and group calls, you also get access to exclusive interviews with specialists who are sharing their wisdom to support us in rising into these new ways in business, from visual consistency, to self expression and energetic resonance, money flow, to sacred contracts….and more. It’s so juicy!

It’s Activation time!

Avalon xox

::: If you are feeling a YES, come and join us in Shine Your Light HERE. Doors are closing soon! If money is an issue for you… let’s talk.

::: Bottom line: It’s time to do what you’re here for. Trust yourself and take ACTION because the world needs what you bring.