Hi! I’m Avalon.

Welcome to my personal website.

At Blossoming Woman, I empower soulful mothers in pregnancy, birth, motherhood, sexuality and women’s wisdom.

This is my personal website where I’ll freely share anything that tickles my fancy… including creative projects, multidimensional experiences, rat stories, unschooling adventures, sensual essentials, conscious evolution, activations for living a beautiful life.

We are of the Earth, expanding beyond the Stars.

You can meet parts of me (and yourself!) in my little video below. Enjoy!

I drew this mandala after a Sound Healing Journey in 2004. I was going through the break up of my abusive marriage in Adelaide, and dedicated to reclaiming my true self. Part of my healing were these Sound Journeys, sublime journeys into sacred sound, chanting and toning, to realign with spirit, embrace and celebrate the flow of life.